Swab Robot

Consistency and safety

Bucher Emhart Glass now provides FlexRobot system integrated with IS, AIS and NIS machines. The FlexRobot system is mounted on the Blank side Panel and integrated with the FlexIS controls.

The supply of integrated FlexRobots is part of Bucher Emhart Glass strategy to provide automation solutions to our customers for increased profitability.

The FlexRobot swab the blank molds and neck-rings The Swab Robot system is provided in cooperation with the supplier Novaxion who has a long experience with Swab Robot system in Glass machines.

For Tandem machine installation, one FlexRobot services the entire Tandem machine.

Consistent swabbing

A robot is perfect for repetitive work which makes it ideal to be used for swabbing.

Eliminate strain injuries

During an 8 hour shift an operator approximately performs 700 swab movements, and lifts the arm to activate the manual swab cycle more than 200 times.
Using a swab robot avoid repetitive strain injury

Decreases the amount of swab liquid

Amount of swab is decreased with the use of a swab robot

Increase the output

The swab robot swabs the blank molds “on the fly” which increases the output from the machine

Increase mold life time

The lubricant is sprayed inside the molds and there is no contact between spray nozzles and the mold surface which eliminate wear on the molds

Gain time for trimming the process

A swab robot will gain time for the operators to use the process sensor systems for trimming the process to achieve higher output from the machine

Reduces risk for accidents

The swab robot decreases the time the operator needs to interact with the machine and therefore risk for accidents