FleXinspect B - gen III


Top and bottom inspection

The FleXinspect B is a reliable and uniquely configurable platform that easily allows inspection functionality to be added as required. All adjustments are fully motorized providing unmatched repeatability and shortest job change times giving glassmakers flexibility and value. High-resolution cameras and special optics allow inspection of the complete bottom area with advanced algorithms including stipple and baffle filters (also for non-round). When equipped with a mold reading option, the FleXinspect B mold-correlates results from all installed inspections.

  • Quick and fully automatic job change, no manual adjustments
  • Dust-proof encapsulation and airconditioned optical and electrical cabinets
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • Independent belt position for tapered ware
  • 4 - Servo driven carry belts
  • Integrated 21.5” touch display
Standard Inspections
  • Base Inspection
  • Base Stress Inspection
  • Sealing Surface "Finish 1" (reflective light / light field)
Additional Inspections
  • Sealing Surface "Finish 2" (incident light / dark field)
  • Vision Mold Number Reader - Heel / Bottom Codes
  • Smart Vision Mold Number Reader - alphanumeric 
Ware Range
  • Height: 40 mm - 440 mm
  • Body diameter: 15 mm - 160 mm
  • Finish inner diameter: 4.5 mm minimum
  • Finish outer diameter: 120 mm maximum