Multi Gob Weight


Today's flexibility

The Multi Gob System gives the producer the opportunity to make individual section changes to the feeder parameters. This allows changes to plunger stroke, height, start delay/early end, correction start and stop angles, cam profiles and also shear parameters such as differential, move time and blade overlap. 

To simplify the setup Bucher Emhart Glass has developed and released a new cutting edge application for the industry. The Multi Gob Application MGA is an intuitive tool that assists the user with setting up the Multi Gob System by adding smartness to the feeder setup procedure. Using this tool the user can now enter the desired gob weights in grams and a smart algorithm calculates the required parameter changes to achieve the weights. The MGA also takes care of the residual effects from the neighboring gobs across the machine. 

  • Production can be very closely coordinated with demand, both in time as well as in quantities. This optimizes machine utilization, and minimizes stock.
  • To accommodate a short-notice job, it is no longer necessary to halt an existing run. Some of the sections can continue, while the remainder can be changed to one or more new jobs.
  • For low-quantity production runs, it is not required to equip the entire machine with molds, or to leave some sections standing idle.
  • This application can be used to test a new set of mould equipment or to make sampling runs on a single section without interrupting the normal production.
  • Production can be adjusted precisely to the supply of glass, thus optimizing the furnace output.