Gob observation solution

The GobRadar monitors each gob after the shear cut and registers parameters such as weight, temperature, trajectory, length, diameter etc. Continuous analysis with adjustment recommendations are presented on the user interface.

Measurement of

  • Weight
  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Angle
  • Position
  • Trajectory
  • Shape
  • Freak Detection
  • Temperature
Real-time online measurements

Continuous measurements allow insights into the process in real-time. This enables monitoring and traceability right from the start and allows to detect trends at an early stage.

Real-time data = better process information

Closed-loop weight control

Measuring each gob allows to take live control over the process and not merely every time a manual weight measurement is performed.

Improved stability = increased efficiency

Reduced work load for the operators – less manual weight measurements

Less demand on operator = increased efficiency

Compare gob shape

Comparing the gob to a previously saved “best” shape allows to reduce the job change time. Continuous monitoring ensures process stability.

Improved job change = increased efficiency

Multi-weight support

Especially the demanding task of multi-weight production and job change is improved.

Improved job change = increased efficiency

Process automation

A key sensor for End to End enabling further advanced applications such as the closed loop with the Emhart SmartFeeder!