Glass Distribution Monitoring

FlexRadar is a glass forming process monitor system that produces thermal images of the glass containers as they are transported from the forming machine.

The system utilizes high-resolution infrared technology to measure the level of intensity that is radiated from the hot glass containers. The thermal images are a direct representation of the glass distribution within the container allowing for identification of glass forming process deviations and quality issues. They also provide for detection and rejection of critical defects in the hot end.

Using two high-resolution infrared cameras positioned at an angle on opposite sides of the conveyor, FlexRadar captures thermal images from each passing container. Those thermal images are processed to identify cavities producing containers with glass distribution or dimensions that stand out from the overall population. Cavities or sections producing outliers are quickly identified and reported to the hot end operator for immediate corrective action.

FlexRadar has good capabilities to detect and reject

  • Thin bottom
  • Wedged bottom
  • Thin neck
  • Chocked bore
  • Fin
  • Thin spots
  • Bird swing
  • Freak
  • Verticality
  • Stuckware
  • Inclusions

Finding these defects already on the forming side of the Lehr is a key element for rapid actions to maintain stability in the forming process.

Available with Bottle Spacing Control.