FlexIS Control System


Reliable, flexible and expandable

The FlexIS Process Control System is the core component that makes automation of the container forming process possible. In addition to controlling a forming machine, FlexIS is capable of fully driving all mechanisms from feeder to stacker.

Latest developments include closed loop control technology, giving real automation solutions to the glass forming process. Much more than a forming control system, FlexIS is conceived as a full process control system capable of directing all of the various events and actions required to produce high quality glass containers. The FlexIS system is designed to be the neurological center for the glass container production process.

Features & Benefits


  • New safety mode: Manual Mode which offers speed supervision for Servo Invert and Servo Takeout and safe Two Hand Operation for all other mechanisms.


  • Standardized hardware modules and software functions
  • Standardized user interfaces
  • Standardized spare parts


  • One control system for the hot end equipment
  • Closed Loops
  • Blank Side Barrier
  • Auto Swab or Swab Robot


  • Industrial grade technology
  • Automatic configuration in case of a hardware replacement


  • Same controls and functions from small pneumatic IS up to high performing NIS
  • Wide range of optional equipment


  • Full support of all functions through remote access for diagnosis, maintenance and trouble shooting