Defect Animation Tool


Knowledge drain - industry challenge

The glass industry is facing a “knowledge drain” with experienced operators going to retirement. This creates the need to qualify new operators that just started their career in the container glass industry. The Defect Animation Tool helps to overcome this challenge.

The Defect Animation Tool (DAT) advises the operator with information and videos what the cause of currently occurring defects is and how to correct the situation. The tool contains the knowledge of decades of production experience in its database. Running the Defect Animation Tool on the UC2 or on the Flex Control Center makes this knowledge available to operators at any time when they need it – directly on the shop floor. Furthermore, the DAT is an excellent training tool for new operators, both on the Hot End and on the Cold End.

Available Documentation

The following documentation is available

  • A short video of the Defect Animation tool can be found on the BEG webpage.
  • A tutorial video how to use the Defect Animation Tool will be sent to you after license activation
Requirements and Installation

The Defect Animation Tool comes with every UC2 and Flex Control Center installation. The tool cannot be run on UC1 installations. For running the Defect Animation Tool a license is necessary. This license needs to be requested, but is free of charge. To request a license please contact your sales representative. The license can be installed by you or a BEG service engineer with the next scheduled visit.

  • Comprehensive database of defects - Training tool for inexperienced operators both in Hot End and Cold End
  • Defect knowledge available by one click, anytime - Even inexperienced operators are enabled to “fight” defects – also at times when no experienced supervisor is present
  • Defect knowledge available at the point where you need it most: at the IS machine - Operators can react faster on defects / Operators can use times of smooth production to train their knowledge on defects