Cabinets and Controls


FlexIS 3 is housed in two different cabinet types: one type for the machine controller and ware handling controller, and one for the section controller. Communication and synchronization are via TCP/IP over ethernet, which allows remote access and control via the internet, if required.

Machine Controller/Ware Handling Controller Cabinet

The machine controller drives five gob-forming servo motors, ensuring precise and controlled motions for:

  • Tube Rotation and Tube Height
  • Up to four individual Feeder Plunger Needles but also supporting Mechanical Feeder
  • Single and Dual Motor Shear
  • Servo Gob Distributor but also supporting Mechanical Gob Distributor

The ware handling controller manages the various servo motors involved in smooth container handling:

  • Conveyor and optionally a Second Conveyor
  • Ware Transfer with the option of an Infeed Conveyor
  • Cross Conveyor
  • Mechanical Stacker

In addition the ware handling controller can control:

  • Conveyor Height
  • Ware Handling Supervision WHS operates as stuck- and down-ware reject
  • Machine Control Unit MCU, which is standard for BIS and NIS and optional for IS and AIS. It manages up to 12 compressed air lines of an IS machine forming process in a closed loop.
Section Controller Cabinet

FlexIS 3 TS-E for IS and AIS machines:

  • One section controller cabinet manages the section timing for four sections. Up to four servo drives can be added in order to support FlexPusher, SEI, SETO
  • FPS control for a maximum of 12 channels with feedback as option is integrated in the section control

FlexIS 3 NIS designed for NIS machine

  • One cabinet holds 2 sections of controls with a maximum of eleven drives per section and the FPS with feedback