Ultimate servo electric forming solution

The servo electric driven NIS machine is the ultimate forming solution from Bucher Emhart Glass. The servo mechanism technology ensures that the NIS Machine outperforms traditional IS machines through better and precise motion control, perfect repeatability and faster and more precise setup time.

The use of servo electric motors reduces not only the noise level of the machine, but also significantly lowers the energy consumption.

The extended center distances of 5" TG and 95mm QG together with the conversion features DG<->TG<->QG make the NIS the most flexible high performance machine available today.

NIS 6 1/4" Double Gob 5" Triple Gob 95mm Quad Gob
Min. Height under Finish 95mm 75mm 75mm 95mm 75mm 75mm 70mm 70mm 70mm
Max. Height under Finish 365mm 345mm 345mm 365mm 345mm 345mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Max. Body Diameter 121mm 121mm 121mm 90mm 90mm 90mm 65mm 65mm 65mm
Max Finish Diameter 48mm 83mm 50mm 48mm 70mm 50mm 35mm 50mm 38mm


Standard Features
  • FlexIS control system
  • Servo Electric Gob Distributor
  • Constant Cone suspended delivery system
  • Parallel Blank and Blow Mold
  • Quick Change Plunger mechanism
  • Pneumatic Control Module (Blank and Blow Side)
  • FPS valve technology for Plunger Up, Counter Blow and Final Blow
  • VertiFlow blank mold cooling
  • Neck Ring cooling
  • VertiFlow blow mold cooling
  • VertiFlow Assist
  • High/Low deadplate cooling
  • Automatic lubrication system with 4 zones
  • Vacuum Assist Blow Side
Servo Electric Mechanisms
  • Blank Mold Open and Close MOC (2 motors)
  • Baffle Mechanism
  • Invert Mechanism
  • Blow Mold Open and Close MOC (2 motors)
  • Blowhead
  • Takeout Mechanism
  • FlexPusher
Optional features
  • Blankside InVertiFlow mold cooling
  • FPS valve technology final blow
  • Vacuum assist blank side
  • Integrated dead plate guide air
  • Plunger Process Control (PPC) -enabling closed loop control)
  • Temperature Control System (TCS) or BlankRadar - enabling closed loop control
  • Blankside lifting device
  • Variable Center Distance tong head VCD TG, QG
  • Blank side Barrier
  • Servo-electric mechanisms provide precise, repeatable motion
  • Allows for 5" Triple Gob production run at the same speed as Double Gob
  • Allows for 95mm Quad Gob production run at the same speed as Triple Gob
  • Lower, more accessible section
  • Reduced compressed air usage
  • Substantial noise reduction for a quieter work environment
  • Improved convertibility: 6 1/4 DG - 5" TG - 95mm QG
  • Three fixed plunger position heights