Enhanced Gob Loading

Constant Cone delivery is the latest Bucher Emhart Glass development for optimal gob loading. The Constant Cone delivery family is based on a constant trough angle of 28° and covers the full range of forming machines (NIS, AIS and IS) for all available center distances. The newly developed Bézier equipment, in conjunction with the constant cone geometry, provides enhanced gob loading.

Optimization criteria are based on:

  • Minimize centripetal accelerations
  • Reduce gradually the radial accelerations to zero
  • Generate a smooth landing zone
  • Increase the length of the deflector profile at the upper end
Smaller curvature design
  • Reduced gob entry angle variations
  • Reduced gob shape variations
  • Increased loading stability
Smoother entry curve path
  • Reduced impact forces
  • Reduced Normal forces
  • Increased loading stability
  • Longer coating lifetime
  • Reduced gob shape variations
Smaller impact and nominal forces
  • Less kinematical energy consumption
  • Higher loading speed
  • Better gob shape
Uniform normal force distribution on all sections

Reduced gob speed and gob shape variation from section to section