Blank Side Overhead Beam


More than an operator interface the Blank Side Overhead Beam is designed to provide an ergonomic operator interface to the section controls. The beam is prepared for integration of lifting equipment, LED lamps, temperature and vision sensor system as well as swab robot.

Lifting device on the blank side

The pneumatically-powered lifting device is designed to give the operator support by avoiding heavy lifting when changing mold equipment. The lifting device rail is mounted to the blankside overhead beam. The equipment is CE certified for a maximum lifting weight of 125 kg. The lifting device has 2 speeds for up and down movement. If pneumatic power is lost, the load is locked at the actual position. 

  • Lifting range 125 kg
  • Pneumatically driven
Lamps for section illumination on the blank side

Good illumination is important to monitor the process and to make accessory exchange, job change etc. easy and safe. The LED lamp panel on the rear side of the blankside overhead beam improves the illumination of the section. The lamps are located between the sections to have overlapping light and to prevent the section from being shadowed by the operator when leaning into the section during a job change. The separate LED lamp module is powered by 24 VDC integrated power supply. 

  • LED lights are mounted on a separate module
  • Lights are located between sections to overlap and avoid shadowing
Integration of process devices

The universal design of the Blank Side Overhead Beam allows the integration of additional devices such as 

  • BlankRadar
  • FlexRobot
  • TCS