FleXinspect T180


Modernize your cold end without changing the layout

The FleXinspect T180 allows glass plants to replace old machines with modern technology. Replacing FP’s with the FleXinspect T180 lets glass plants utilize the space without additional expensive layout modifications. Its increased throughput reduces the number of inspection loops (2:1 reduction is typical) in factories.

PIC compatible 
  • Reports the inspection results and CID information into the PIC system.
  • All inspection results can be configured to directly match the mapping from other FP machines installed on the line.
Reduced line space and maintenance
  • The “all in one” inspection configuration reduces the number of machines needed per inspection leg.
  • High operational speed minimizes the number of inspection legs needed per forming line.
  • Significant maintenance and labor savings are achieved due to fewer inspection machines in the production area.
Complete cold end inspection
  • Total inspection solution.
  • Provides all the necessary cold end inspections.
  • The unique design of the servo-driven handling devices allows inspections that are not possible with rotary inspection machines.
Higher speeds and larger ware
  • The 840mm starwheel design allows higher speeds on large diameter containers.
  • The starwheel pocket configuration can be optimized to maximize container throughput.
  • Synchronized servo motor motions optimize the machines, increasing efficiency.
Precise container rotation
  • A servo-driven rotator with a modular design improves operation.
  • Servo technologies provide rotation performance feedback.
  • Modular design allows maximum setup flexibility.
  • All inspections in one machine
  • Modular/expandable inspection systems
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Non-contact gauging for the finish
  • Integrated inspection conveyors
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • 840mm servo-driven starwheel
  • Five modular servo-driven rotation devices standard, supports up to seven
  • Servo-driven infeed screws
  • Servo-driven starwheel
  • Live belt outfeed handling system
  • Auto challenge functionality (QC samples)
Available Inspections
  • Modulated check detection
  • Mold number reader - heel codes
  • Vision plug/ring/dip/saddle/height
  • Wall thickness – up to four elevations
  • Two ‘point out of round’ (up to two positions)
  • Mechanical plug/ring
  • Mechanical dip/saddle/height
  • Vision mold number reader – alpha numeric/bottom dots
  • Sidewall opaque/sidewall transparent/sidewall stress
  • Base/base stress
  • Sealing surface/wire edge
  • Dimensional (height, diameter, lean)
  • Vision check
  • ID read (matrix code reader)
Ware Range
  • Height: 35mm-381mm
  • Body Diameter: 16mm - 170mm
  • Safety guarding, including entrapment tunnels
  • Safe jog/run with two hand biometric control switches
  • Safe torque off position monitoring and control
Equipment Details


Max. Diameter Inspection Stations Available Rotation Stations
12 152mm 7 5
24 79mm 13 9





Typical Production Speeds
Type Pockets Production Speed Burst Speed
Wine 12 Up to 250 270
Beer 24 Up to 350 370
  12 Up to 165 180
  24 Up to 200 220