FleXinspect T - powered by SCOUT

A reliable and uniquely configurable platform that easily allows additional inspection functionality and redundancy as needed. The FleXinspect T provides unmatched modular versatility, value, and flexibility for glassmakers’ current and future requirements. 

A Total Inspection Solution

The FleXinspect T gives glass manufacturers a Total Inspection Solution, as the fully equipped system is capable of providing all the necessary cold end inspections. The unique design of the servo-driven handling devices allows inspections that in the past were not possible with rotary inspection machines.


  • All inspections in one machine
  • Modular / Expandable inspection systems
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Non contact gauging for the finish
  • Integrated inspection conveyor
  • Brushless non-round container handling
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • 840 mm servo driven starwheel
  • 5 modular servo driven rotation devices
  • Servo-driven infeed screws
  • Servo-driven starwheel
  • Live belt outfeed handling system

Standard Inspections

  • Modulated Check Detection
  • Mold Number Reader - Heel codes
  • Vision Plug / Ring / Dip / Saddle / Height

Additional Inspections

  • Wall Thickness - 4 elevation
  • 2 point Out of Round - 2 positions
  • Mechanical Plug / Ring
  • Mechanical Dip / Saddle / Height
  • Vision Mold Number Reader - Alpha Numeric / Bottom Dots
  • Sidewall / Sidewall Stress
  • Base / Base Stress
  • Sealing Surface / Wire Edge
  • Dimensional (height, diameter, lean)
  • Tramp Glass
  • Vision Check

Container Range & Line Speed

The FleXinspect T inspects round and non-round containers with heights from 38mm (21mm minimum shoulder height) to 381mm diameters from 16mm to 170mm. The FleXinspect T is designed to operate at speeds up to 400 BPM depending on container shape and size.