FleXinspect M - powered by SCOUT

The FleXinspect M is a servo-indexing, rotary inspection system designed to be a drop in replacement for many of the well know mechanical machines of the past.

Combined Inspection

The FleXinspect M gives glass manufacturers the potential to reduce the cold end footprint by combining multiple inspections within a single machine frame. The unique design of the servo-driven handling devices allows accurate reliable inspections not historically associated with rotary inspection machines.

Machine Features

  • Active cooling of main electronics, with thermal protection
  • 30° infeed entry angle
  • integrated inspection conveyor
  • 680mm star wheel
  • Traceability of changes
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Servo-driven rotate devices
  • Servo-driven infeed screw
  • Servo starwheel

Machine Configuration

  • 9 / 18 pocked star wheel with 3 servo driven rotate stations
  • 12 / 24 pocket star wheel with 5 servo driven rotate stations

Standard Inspections

  • Modulated Check Detection
  • Mold Number Reader - Heel code
  • Mechanical Plug / Ring
  • Mechanical Dip / Saddle / Height

Additional Inspections

  • Wall Thickness - 4 elevations
  • Vision Mold Number Reader - Alpha numeric / Bottom dot
  • Sealing surface / Wire edge
  • Base / Base Stress
  • Vision Check

Container Range

The FleXinspect M can inspect round and non-round containers with heights from 38mm (21mm at the shoulder) up to 350mm tall, and container diameters from 16mm to 120mm.