FleXinspect BC, B, C - powered by SCOUT

FleXinspect machines can be supplied as independent standalone units FleXinspect B and FleXinspect C, or joined together as a combined machine, FleXinspect BC. 

Comprehensive Vision Inspection

The design of the FleXinspect BC includes 360-degree wraparound lighting and patterned lighting for 100% sidewall inspection of containers to precisely pinpoint both opaque and transparent defects. Polarized lighting is utilized for stress inspection to ensure detection of defects that may be missed by conventional methods. When equipped with a mold reading option, the FleXinspect BC mold-correlates results from all installed inspections.


  • Integrated belt spacing device
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Integrated inspection conveyors
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • Wrap around LED sidewall lighting
  • Independent belt position for tapered ware
  • 4 Servo-driven carry belts
  • Consolidated electronics
  • Nema12 electronics with thermal monitoring
  • Single or dual 21.5" multi-touch display
  • SCOUT technology

Standard Inspections

  • Sealing Surface
  • Base
  • Sidewall 6 Views
  • Dimensional 6 Views

Additional Inspections - B Side

  • Base Stress
  • Mold reader (heel codes / bottom codes)
  • Vision plug / Vision plug with wire edge
  • Vision dip / saddle

Additional Inspections - C Side

  • Sidewall transparent (cosmetic) 6 views
  • Sidewall stress 6 views
  • Shoulder / Shoulder stress 6 views

Container range

The FleXinspect BC, B and C inspect round and non-round containers with heights from 35mm to 381mm and diameters from 16mm to 170mm. The FleXinspect BC, B and C are designed to operate at speeds up to 600 BPM depending on container shape and size.