Servo Electric Take Out SETO

The Servo Electric Take Out SETO picks up the containers from the blow mold, moves them over the dead plate for cooling and afterwards releases the containers on the dead plate. A blacklash free pickup and a smooth transfer is essential to avoid damaging the sensitive hot containers. Increasing production speeds require tight control of the Take Out motion with dynamic servo motors.


  • Servo controlled
  • Compact design
  • Front mounted safety lock, tong close speed adjustment and take out height adjustment
  • VCD Tong Head to reduce ware spacing and belt speed
  • Fully integrated into the FlexIS
  • Upgrades with FlexIS standalone on existing lines
  • Gearbox running in oil bath


  • Precise motion control and adjustment with the FlexIS process control system
  • Good access into section
  • Easy handling
  • HS Ware handling TG/QG
  • One control system
  • Available for all machine configurations on the market
  • Low maintenance