FlexPusher SP - Special Performance

The FlexPusher Special Performance SP is a FlexPusher extension, addressing specific high speed triple gob, non-round and unstable productions, which could otherwise restrict the standard FlexPusher ware range.


Where the ware range limitation is not an issue, standard FlexPusher installations are upgradable to FlexPusher SP (and vice versa), by changing the upper housing (conversion kit 904-12/16). The FlexPusher SP is so far not available on NIS machines due to the larger 22.5" section width.

Additional Features

  • Full parallel container positioning before going onto conveyor belt
  • Same centrifugal forces for all cavities


  • Improved high speed ware handling in TG an QG
  • Better handling of unstable ware (non-round)
  • Reduces ware handling losses