The FlexPusher mechanism transfers the containers from the dead plate onto the running conveyor. It combines the motion of two independent servo motors to generate the sweep out motion. The motion can be modified by changing parameters on the pusher page of the FlexIS control.


The unique motion of the FlexPusher uses all available space on the dead plate for a smooth sweep out motion and opens the door for conveyor speeds which were not possible before. The motion of the pusher determines the placement of the containers on the belt which is the main factor in the performance of the downstream ware handling. Precise placement of the containers by the pusher also reduces losses at the ware transfer, the stacker, and the Hot End coating tunnel. The pusher fingers of the FlexPusher are designed to be equipped with carbon finger liners. This makes these fingers very flexible and contributes to the high performance of the entire system.


  • 2 axis fully servo controlled
  • No pneumatics & no lubrication
  • Available for IS, AIS, BIS and NIS machines
  • Fully integrated into the FlexIS
  • Simple interface for motion profile adjustments-optimization made by plant personnel
  • Upgrades with FlexIS standalone on existing lines
  • Various finger spacings available for SG, DG TG and QG
  • Flexible finger liner concept
  • 2 different finger heights
  • Flexible finger liner inserts
  • Vertical pocket air at the back plate


  • High repeatability
  • Reliable
  • Standard
  • One control system
  • Easy set up and handling
  • Fits all machine types on the market
  • Standardized
  • Easy to customize for special products
  • Built in feature for high speed production