Is the future. Our school of thought in leading the next generation forward. Without this in place our progress as an industry won’t just stumble, it will halt. So, we have made it our mission to share everything we know, so that the next generation takes our experience and expertise, and adds to it. With our help there’s every chance they will find both new efficiencies and new ways to achieve.



Bucher Emhart Glass has long placed a high priority on training for glass plant operators and have introduced new, formalized programs that will bring a new level of knowledge and professionalism to the glass plant. The first of these programs is EmForm training.



The second of our Academy programs is EmSpect training. This gives inspection operators and specialists advanced knowledge on inspection technology and operating inspection equipment at the highest efficiencies.


Forming Training Centers

Training on Hot End equipment is delivered at our Training Centers in Sundsvall, Sweden and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Programs cover the entire Hot End product portfolio, plus mold design and VertiFlow cooling configurations. Our service engineeres also act as trainers, allowing us to offer training in many different languages.


Inspection Competency Centers

In order to accomplish the challenging task of providing regional support as a global company, Bucher Emhart Glass has located Competency Centers around the world. The goal is to provide our customers with support "Beyond the Machine". Each center consists of open-plan facilities containing the latest state-of-the art inspection equipment, classrooms, service/technician workspace, laboratory facilities and a complete demonstration area.

End to End

End to End Concept

End to End technology will power the glass plant of the future, with integrated equipment that will document, analyze, and react to data automatically to ensure product quality and optimize operation. 

Products will be immediately traceable. Employees will be safer and more productive. And plant operations will run at peak efficiency to achieve optimum productivity and result in increased profitability.