Original Parts

IS machines need to be maintained correctly. There is a potential for expensive damage to a machine if you do not have the correct part.  Choose Original Parts prescribed by Emhart for the health of your forming machine. Non-OEM parts can have an adverse effect on the health and safety of an Emhart machine. That’s why we only prescribe the best.

S-Class Supply

Quality parts are readily available:

  • Our S-Class program stocks 5,000 of the most frequently requested hot and and inspection machine parts for shipment within hours of order
  • Refractory S-Class parts are tailor-made to specifications and shipped within eight working days
  • Parts are manufactured to precision standards at Bucher Emhart Glass in Örebro, Sweden
  • Top quality parts ensure optimum operating life

Maintenance and Repair Kits

The highly aggressive conditions of a glass plant inevitably lead to wear on even the best-designed mechanical and electronic components.

  • Maintenance kits are for checking and cleaning a mechanism after a moderate period of use
  • Repair kits are for a complete refurbishment after several years of service

For customers wanting to refurbish their equipment in-house, we offer a range of maintenance and repair kits tailored to virtually all our current and legacy machines. Each kit contains all the parts needed to restore the machine to full working order, based on two levels of refurbishment: Maintenance and repair kits are ideal for everyone involved: workshop personnel, inventory and purchasing. They reduce the cost of maintenance and ensure that every required part is available and easy to find in a single box. As each kit has a single item number, our customers also save time as there is no need to work through drawings and identify individual items one by one.

Customer Contact Parts and Parts Catalog

In each sales location, the Customer Contact Parts (CCP) department is the first contact for the daily parts-related business. Offering contact in the local time zone and in the local languages is an important service to support our customers in their 24 h, 7 day operations.

Our Parts Catalog provides various search functions in our comprehensive parts portfolio, for example, search by item number, product category and specific products such as "cables". This tool helps to identify the correct part number easily.