Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support (Forming)

Maintenance Support options for Forming range from equipment condition health checks, detailled repair proposals and repair projects to continuous maintenance supervision in your plant by Bucher Emhart Glass maintenance service engineers.

There are two distinctive approaches for repairs:

  • On-site repairs, where an experienced crew performs the agreed repair in your plant. As the equipment does not have to leave its position, the de-installing and re-installing of the equipment is not required and the shortest possible downtime is achieved
  • Off-site repairs, in cases where the equipment must change its position and/or in cases the repair is combined with a major upgrade. Repair/ upgrade services are furnished in the workshop of one of our repair partners, preferably at Ergon Meccanica in Dego, Italy

Maintenance Support (Inspection)

With the Technical Services Agreement TSA for Inspection, Bucher Emhart Glass performs for you periodical complete health check, preventive maintenance as well as minor repairs for each Inspection equipment in your plant to ensure optimum equipment performance.